play 2007c sep-the handyman_Page_1_Image_00012007 – The Handyman

Terry Rees Role of Roman Kosachenko Moderator’s Choice Award (Glammies)



play 2009c sep-the crucible_Page_1_Image_00012009 – The Crucible

Kirsten  Rose Leary – Role of Mary Warren – Best Actress In A Supporting Role (Glammies)


play 2010d sep-proof_Page_1_Image_00012010 – Proof

David Davies – Role of Robert – Best Actor (Glammies)
Caroline Neale – Role of Catherine- Best Actress (Glammies)
Caroline Neale – Role of Catherine – Best Personal Performance (NODA)
BFLT – Best Prodiction (Glammies), BFLT – Best Presentation (Glammies)

 2012 – Hello, Is There Any Body There?

Hello, is there any body there? Programme cover

Hello, is there any body there? Programme cover

  Gareth Rees – Wales and Ireland – Best Programme Design (NODA)
 Gareth Rees – Role of Smalls – Best Supporting Actor (Glammies)

HAYWIRE022012 – Haywire

Joyce Harding – Role of Grandmother – Best Performance in a Supporting Role (NODA)

 2013 – Aladdin (nominated)Programme front

  Gareth Rees – Wales and Ireland – Best Basic Programme Design (NODA)

 2013 – Doubt: a parable (nominated)DoubtAlternative2

  Gareth Rees – Wales and Ireland – Best Standard Programme Design (NODA)
Gareth Rees – Wales and Ireland – Best Poster Design (NODA)
BFLT – Best Prodiction (NODA)