Parent Survey

Bright Futures Learning Trust Parent Survey Results March 2021

Following the most recent national lockdown, we sent out a survey to all parents and carers in the Trust to find out how well we had supported our children and families during the lockdown period.

We are grateful to all parents who took the time to fill in the survey.

Some of the questions were the same as ones asked in a similar survey sent out in June 2020 after the first lockdown and, where this is the case, the previous results have been included in the table so that you can see the comparison.

The questions were rated on a scale of 1-4, or not very well to very well. There were 312 responses across all the schools.

Question% answers
3&4 March 2021
% answers
3&4 June 2020
How would you rate how well the school has responded to the most recent national lockdown?86%77%
How well has the school communicated with you throughout this period?87%78%
When your child was at home how would you rate the remote learning offer?81%76%
How would you rate your child's engagement in the remote learning provided?74%
How well did the use of voiceovers on lessons motivate and engage your child?75%
How well did the use of pre-recorded videoed lessons motivate and engage your child?74%
How well did the use of Google Meets motivate and engage your child?78%
How well did the use of voice motes to give feedback motivate and engage your child?68%
How well did the use of live lessons (if applicable) motivate and engage your child?75%
How well did the school look after your child's wellbeing?80%
How well did the school prepare your child for the transition back to school?82%89%
How well has your child settled back into school?95%97%

Main points

  • Parents were more positive about the school’s response to the latest lockdown than they were in June 2020.
  • The majority of parents/carers felt their children were well engaged and motivated to learn
  • The more interactive ways of learning and communicating, such as Google Meets and live lessons, were the most engaging and motivating
  • The majority of parents/carers felt their child’s wellbeing was well looked after and they were well prepared to return to school

Actions to be taken in the future

  • Use more interactive remote learning techniques, such as Google Meets, to keep engagement of children high
  • Do all we can to reach all children, ensuring they experience as much social interaction as possible
  • Respond to children’s work in ways which further motivate children

We have learnt a huge amount about the use of technology in schools and have explored many different things a short space of time. We are keen to harness much of this and use it to enhance our teaching both within and outside the classroom. These are just some of the things we will be  continuing to use in the future:

  • Short videos to explain concepts for parents
  • Homework to be set and submitted on Google Classroom
  • Targeted videos and tasks to be set for small groups within the classroom
  • Offer a mix of virtual and face to face meetings for parent consultation meetings
  • Use the ability to interact virtually across classes and schools within the Trust to share learning

There are many other things that are possible that we now know about and we will be looking to embrace technology to enhance learning as much as possible in the future.

Thanks again to all parents and carers who filled in the survey. We do appreciate your feedback and want to learn from it to ensure we provide the best education for the children whether it be remotely or in person. We also acknowledge the huge part parents and carers played in supporting the children to engage in the learning provided and we thank you for working with us to do this. We now move forward positively with much greater knowledge and skill which we will continue to use to enhance education for all.

Gill Kozlowski

Bright Futures Learning Trust CEO